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DGNSS Base Station DGPS

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DGNSS-BasestationThe Racelogic Base Station is a complete differential correction system designed to provide local correction for improved GPS accuracy.

By programming the Base Station with a known GPS position, it is able to accurately monitor the difference between its programmed position and the position that it is receiving via GPS.

This difference is transmitted via radio to allow a remote GPS system to correct position.

When combined with a VBOX GPS system such as the VBOX 3i, the base station can provide positional accuracy of 40cm 95% CEP.

Featuring a high performance GPS engine and integrated radio transmitter, the Base Station can be powered from an external 12v source or from the built-in NiMh battery pack.

It is also supplied with separate radio modem to allow a mobile GPS system to receive the RTCM correction data.

Most VBOXs are compatible with this system. Simply place the Base Station in a fixed position, let it average the position for 5 minutes, and then you can measure position to a new level of accuracy. For an application note on the Base Station, please click on the link above.

The Base Stations is available with 40cm DGPS and 2cm RTK accuracy. The table below lists which VBOX/Base Station combination is required for specific accuracies.


40cm DGPS
Base Station
20cm DGPS
Base Station
Base Station BS3G/BS4RG
VBOX Data Loggers
VBOX Mini no no no no
VBOX Lite / VBOX II DCF yes yes no no
VBOX IIS / VBOX IISX yes yes yes-with no
VBOX IISL / VBOX3i / VBOX3iSL yes yes no no
VBOX 3i R10G10 /SL-RTK yes yes no yes
VBOX Speed Sensors
5Hz Speed Sensor yes no no no
10Hz / 20Hz Speed Sensor yes yes yes-with no
100Hz Speed Sensor
(VBSS100, -V2, -V3, SL)
yes yes no no
100Hz Speed Sensor SL-RTK
yes yes no yes
Key: yes= Compatible
  yes-with= Compatible with upgrade    
  no= Not compatible    

RTK-V8The Base Station communicates with a VBOX via a radio telemetry link. Each Base Station has a radio module integrated inside, and comes with an external radio receiver for a VBOX which can work up to 10km away.

To get this full range, the Base Station has to be mounted as high as possible, on the top of a building, hill or tall mast and be in direct line of sight to the VBOX.

If the Base Station is placed on the side of the track, then you get around 1.5-2km range, which is enough for most test tracks.

Applications for the Base Station include track mapping, route plotting, road profiling and driver line analysis.

Track Mapping example



Part number: RLVB3iR2G2

Start up time: <2minutes

Re-acquisition time: <15s

Re-acquisition is when satellite lock is temporarily lost during operation due to trees, buildings or bridges.


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